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Herne Bay, Kent CT6 5TR

United Kingdom


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Module 50 +

The perfect time of life to travel.  You have the freedom and the world is yours to explore.


Today independent travellers benefit from being able to communicate in English in all parts of the world. Living in a teacher's family, let's you practise without pressure.  Build up your 'survival' English or just enjoy using your knowledge to share thoughts and experiences with English people.  A great way to see the country from 'inside' and enjoy a holiday in the UK with a difference!

There are no single room supplements and no worries that you may be on your own all the time.  Living and learning with English hosts of your own generation means you share similar life experiences.  Apart from lessons, enjoy the family's social life, meet their friends and relax in good company.  You progress naturally outside a formal classroom with specially structured lessons just for you 


Our teachers have retired from a variety of professionas and are now eager to introduce you to the English way of life, their family and friends and British culture too.


This course includes three local excursions with your host teacher/family each week.


Like all our courses, a two to one option is possible if you wish to come with a partner or friend.


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