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Channel English Studies

66 Eddington Lane

Herne Bay, Kent CT6 5TR

United Kingdom


Tel: +44 (0) 1227 375394


Enlarge your vocabulary
and range of expressions 

Our clients have ranged from an 83 year old Italian gentleman to an 8 year old French girl.  No matter your age, background, nationality or requirements, we can design a course for you.


We know you are looking for rapid progress, security and immersion in an English environment, living and learning with English people and not other students.


As a previous student said ....  "One week with Channel is the same as four weeks in a school."


Channel has organised teacher's home courses since 1990,  receiving many hundreds of happy learners on our full immersion courses in a Teacher's Home.  Living and studying with your own private teacher really is the QUICKEST way to learn.


We are a family run organisation and pride ourselves on offering a personal service.  We know our teachers and local organisers very well and have confidence in the quality of service they offer.  



Why Choose us?

  • Warm friendly host teachers specialised in one to one tuition                                                                           

  • Courses tailor-made by your teacher so you study what you need                                                         

  • Full immersion so you practise all the time and make rapid progress.                                           

  • Value for money - you don't waste time travelling to a school and you spend all your time with native speakers                                                   

  • Fees inclusive of tuition, full board and family activities


  • Total Flexibility - you choose the dates and how long you stay  -  start any Sunday.  One week plus                                                                          

  • You can add a sporting or cultural option to enjoy your hobbies here                                             

  • Two Teacher Professional Courses  -             A unique method pioneered by us to offer specialised trainers to meet your specific needs

  • An efficient and friendly personal service to monitor the stay from the initial booking until your departure.

Come and relax with an English family.   Learn about the UK from us and not from a book.  A fully inclusive holiday with a warm welcome and a chance for a with a different experience.

NEW FOR 2019

Study at any level, from beginner
to expert. 

Start on any Sunday.

English in Ireland

French in France

German in Germany

Where are we?

Your own private teacher

Non stop learning is fun!