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United Kingdom


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Learning for Pleasure Modules

You can exchange some of your English language lessons for lessons with your teacher based around a favourite sport or interest. Why not start a new hobby? 
Perhaps, learn about English birds, their habitats and the countryside or you might like to share a passion for 60's music or photography.
Alternatively are you interested in history, heritage or art?  Why not see Britain by bike?
For example a 15 hour course could be split into 10 hours of language lessons and five hours with your chosen subject.  Or 5 hours and 10 hours.  Subject could include:
English cookery                                             Painting & Sculpture

Arts & crafts                                                   Cycling

Photography                                                  History, Heritage & People

Wood-work                                                     Literature

Bird Watching & the countryside                Music

Flowers & Gardens                                       Political and economic history

Theatre                                                            Cinema/Films

Please ask if there is anything specific you would like to do and we will try to meet your requirements.


For those who want a real holiday break in English with no formal lessons, try our "Just Talking" Packages


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