Channel English Studies

66 Eddington Lane

Herne Bay, Kent CT6 5TR

United Kingdom


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Professional + with Two Trainers

This formula is UNIQUE to Channel English Studies.


Professional +

  • Guarantees maximum intensity to accelerate your progress.

  • An option for clients with limited time in the UK and those requiring specialised training.  

  • Often a boost before a difficult presentation, conference or job interview.

  • Can include 

    • Personal presentations                                       

    • Company presentations

    • Conference presentations

    • Interviews

    • Negotiating

    • Telephoning/video conferencing

    • Attending/chairing a meeting

    • Sales/marketing

  • Recommended level Lower Intermediate +.                                         

Choose 25 or 30 hours of one to one lessons per week divided between your host trainer and a visiting trainer plus full immersion practice.

AM   Host Trainer              15 hours one to one lessons


            Functional language relevant to your Professional needs

                Time to revisit specific structures and vocabulary extension

            Discussion, role play, use of authentic materials. 

PM   Visiting Trainer            10/15 hours one to one lessons (25/30 hour programme)


             A new approach, a different face, a different voice

             A speciaiised trainer 

             Active practice of business scenarios specific to you                                                              A wide range of specialised options available including:

                        Aviation, Medicine, Law, Accountancy, Finance

                        Banking, Politics, HR, IT, Marketing/Sales, QA, Logistics etc.

             Please state any specific requirements when booking         

Plus unlimited opportunities to discuss, socialise, read a newspaper, watch TV or a DVD and relax with your host trainer and family.  

You are welcome to bring a partner to share the accommodation or the programme.